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Shelters in mining areas
[black as carbon] .........................................

The construction of a series of mountain shelters its planned, to be placed in a landscape of postindustrial miner areas.

Places, with a complicated climatology and access, in the middle of the nature. We think in the way to make a prototype, to be build in the factory and able to adapt in every location.

The project is about three buildings, a reception one and two pieces with different ways of accommodation. We look in the past of the area, things to become architecture, really close to the industry, carbon trains, entrance tower of mines, etc… elements to be integrate with the nature, like always has been in this area, from the contrast, mucho more than from the mimicry.

- Three buildings or more… [3x1]

- Integrated with nature

- Suitable to every of the 8 routes

- Local materials [steel, wood, slate, gold]

- Sustainable [recycled, removable, movable]

- Versatility and interior comfort