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New Town Hall in Mieres
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Town Hall :

Is the main area of administration of a town and use to be formed by the major and the councilors. Town hall is also, the headquarters building of the institution.

We start with the idea of a mineral, a vein of coil, who has been giving identity to this area during a long time.

The old town hall, is placed in the old town of Mieres. Our project wants to keep the essence of this place and when the town hall moves to the new area don't lose this concept. A town hall has always a balcony, a covered space, a clock tower and a square or public space in front. A square with town hall and church…

The new SXXI town hall [Mieres 2.0] is a city-building and a remake of the old town hall, a new town hall with a public space [square] for the city, in a development area without an important urban references. A place to meet, to celebrate. The clock tower standing on the new building, a reference to the old town hall clocks and to the lattice of the mines [there is one quite close to the site]. A steel structure with a binary clock, that will be an element of contemplation and play to the citizens of Mieres.

The access to the building is through a covered space, again a wink to the arcade of the old building. In the first floor appears the balcony, a terrace space open to the city, to be used by the workers of the town hall but also by the citizens of Mieres.