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Terraces in Avilés Harbour
[barCO] ......................................................................

The building has been thought like a terrace over the sea, a place that  tuck to the port, offering the show of the horizon.
An industrial landscape, between cranes, Arcelormittal docks, the Oscar Niemeyer International Centre…

The compositional logical is based in morphological actions that convert the buildings in topography or the floor in building, creating a new artificial topography, so real as the real one. To fold up, to bend, to pull out, to wave, to warp, to twist.

To observe the place, topography of small hills and folds. To discover a bar or a small exhibition hall under the deck, cave-balcony open to the landscape, crack in the topography of the hills.

We find a plane se side, without a reference or topography. We create a chiringuito emerging on the floor, where you can walk over it, rest, think, wait, look into the sea…
A wave, an habitable dune, that can be much more than a cafeteria-restaurant, a bar that can be an exhibitions place, a shop, a touristic information point.

A new element dialoguing with the city, with the sea, with the harbor, with the new Cultural Centre built by Oscar Niemeyer. The repetition of this element along the sea side, makes a new topography emerging from the horizontal.

“Dad, let´s go to the barCO”
“Let´s meet 8 o´clock in the barCO”
“Let´s have breakfast on the barCO´s deck”
“So good, today we dinner in the barCO”