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Noche Blanca in Oviedo
[Dreaming of the Sea] 2013 ..........................................

Popular culture says that shells keep the sound of the sea. Bringing the cavity of the shell closer to your ear you can hear the swaying of the waves. The memory of the sea has always been present and has been a recurrent discussion throughout the history of the city. A sea you can almost touch and it is only 28 km away.

We propose to bring the dream of the sea, through our architecture, a wonderful intervention in an industrial space in the city center. A puncture of urban acupuncture, to awake a sleeping and valuable space, linking sleepless night with our work called Industrial Romanticism, which involved several actions in city, industry and sea limits.

// SOÑAR. From Latin Somniare. Represented images or events in fantasy while sleeping. Discoursing fantastically and believing what is not true. Craving something persistently.

// MAR. From Latin Mare. Mass of salt water covering most of the surface of the Earth.

// CONTENEDOR. English. Container. Large recoverable metal packaging whose types and sizes are internationally standardized for easy handling. Containing.

// // SONIDO. Lat. sonitus. Sensation produced in the organ of hearing by the vibratory movement of the body, transmitted through an elastic medium such as air.

// IMAGEN. Lat. imago, inis. Figure, rendering, likeness and appearance of something