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[Growing Housing] 2015...............................

[ Del b. lat. focāris, adj. der. de focus, fuego ]

The birthplace of the fire. The space where one lives. Group living in a house.

The house is the shelter [Álvaro Siza]. The house is a machine for living [Le Corbusier]. It´s not logical the technological leap between automobile and housing [Jean Prouvé]

We propose a new housing way of thinking, with a high quality product, near to the constructive avant-garde, to the automotive industry, to the aeronautic, allowing the growth of it and offering a way to use the space much more dynamic, versatile and rational. Housing with the highest technology and a construction time of four months [ without delays or budget variances ]. Growing housing, offering to the user the possibility to articulate in a simple way, future growth in space and time, both horizontally and vertically.

b home*, is an environmentally responsible housing, from the time of construction, which meets the CTE and the new efficiency energy highest requirements. b home, combines tradition and modernity, reinterpreting some of the elements that existed in the good homes of our childhood [niche, cupboard, gallery, hall, corridor, doorjamb, boudoir etc ...].

bhbox _bh3 _ bh6 _ bh9 _ bh12, five housing ranges and the growing option, at least with a minimum "cell" that provides, one bedroom plus a bathroom, attached or separate from the dwelling, besides the extra parking-laundry. The roof is a space is designed as part of the house, really livable and walkable.

Each space has a patio, which serves as physical space and visual relationship in the house. Patios, up to have different uses, depending on the time of year [orchard, garden, swimming pool, sauna, etc ...]. A dynamic and versatile housing, connected spaces, patios, interior-exterior dialogue, make b home a new design concept, more suitable to nowadays way of life, and try to be an evolution of traditional housing. Housing accessible and adapted, which provides the elevator option in future, if necessary.

Stop thinking the house, only by surfaces, square meters [m2]. Think in spaces, quality, fragments, volume. Cubic meters [m3], introduce the volume 3_6_9_12 / 30_60_90_120 that speaks of meters, but also of volume fragments, people, spaces ...

_ bhome +

b home can be transported and stacked, creating a collective house building. With this system, you can build in a fast and simple way, a high rise building, adapted to the needs of the client and the site. It could be used too in any public or private building, hotels, schools, offices, etc ...

Así mismo existe la posibilidad de construir diferentes programas para edificios públicos o privados, oficinas, colegios, centros de salud, etc…


The housing, offices and buildings made with b home system, patented by [baragano], will have new partners for the different constructive solutions of the buildings.

World's leading companies in the construction sector, will join the project led by ArcelorMittal [first steel world producer], in the commitment to a new way of building.

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