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Ares del Mestre Town Hall refurbishment
[Lets go to the Hall] ...................................ACCESIT

Enric Miralles used to say that one way to finish the projects is to clean them, 
that the things are not always in their places and that the time makes you to discover where we have leave the memories…to collect, to order…

Where are the memories of this place…

We keep the essence of the building, recovering the scars of the different times of the building and boosting the original spirit, LETS GO TO THE HALL…

…Respect for the surprises that the time has been leaving

We connect the main square and the church square, through "The Hall", in a continuity of the public space, that powers the mixed use of The Hall.

A new entrance, to be accepted by the citizen as the main entrance to the town hall. 
To give back "the house of the city"…We boost the main square and we come into The Hall from the town centre. …To turn the building trough the city

A main square folds up and climbs through a ramp-stair-terrace-viewpoint, landing in The Hall, connecting both squares. On the other side [like Alicia through the mirror], an operation that makes more clear the building and transfer us from present to past and vice versa.

The church´s square, in old times, centre of the village, recovers the original access to The Hall, climbing through the old jail, appearing again in the present, through "The Heart" of Ares…

This duality, go with us trough the project

Past / Present

Public / Private

Up / Down

In / Out