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Docks in Aviles Port
[Neighbours of Oscar Niemeyer] ...........................

"If you want to build a boat, don't start looking for wood, cutting planks or distributing the work, first you have to remind in men the longing of sea, free and wide"

Antoine de Saint Exupery

A privileged location in Aviles Harbour, in front of the city. An industrial landscape with the factory of ArcelorMittal as main character.

Because of the fast growth of the city, the new plan for The Harbour [Isla de la Innovation. Norman Foster] and the neighbour building from Oscar Niemeyer, we are invited to propose an alternative to the existing project, a conventional industrial storage, with 120 m of facade to the city, this was the starting point.

We think in the idea of containers, a port image, placed in the mind of the people. The containers give shape to the facades and to the roof, breaking the building in colorful pixels that help to integrate the big scale building in the place, adding movement and color to the area.

The chosen of the colors its not only because of the logos of the two companies, but also because of an intention of relation with the industrial areas in the surroundings and with the colors that have been used in industrial storage buildings, 
Over a dark socket, metallic, built as a hulk, the tower borns, over the landscape, dialoguing with cranes and pipes, breaking again the continuity of the facade. This element will hold the logos of the companies that will use the building [ArcelorMittal and AGP] and is also the limit with the roof [the fifth facade of the building] very important because of the view from the planes that land and take off in the nearest airport.

The docks are built with steel, in a rational and logical way of building, bidding for the light construction. Structure and skin and are hundred percent recyclable and removable, besides the steel used is more than seventy per cent from recycling material.