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Maritime Station in Gijon Port
[Sea Highway] 2010 ........................................

"The boat passing by a transformation from inexorable weight to floating structure…I remember mi fear and my surprise in that moment…and has become in a recurring dream"

Richard Serra

We were invited to propose to the Autoridad Portuaria de Gijón, a project for the future Maritime Station of The See Highway. The building will serve to the new lines that will connect Gijón with Nantes (France) and in the future with Cork (Ireland).

The building must be working 6 months after the commission and we have to consider the option of expand in a near future.

The program has two different areas, pre-shipping and shipping, as well as a huge scale parking, mainly for trucks.

Located in Gijon Port [El Musel] the building is planned as a modular one, open to the sea. The modules have 3,60 m. wide and 15 m. length maximum. The façade is a polyurethane panel in different and basic colors (RGB), a characteristic material in the Port enviroment.

The structural system is about steel modules, made in the factory and assembled on site. In this way we get a short timing and a high optimization.